How It Works

Perfomaxx Will Turbo-Charge Your Sex Life.

Each capsule of Perfomaxx contains 350mg of PURE SEX FUEL. for men. The main ingredient is derived from a plant called Eurycoma Longifolia and widely known as Tongkat Ali. Widely used in Asia for centuries as a cure for erectile dysfunction and low libido, the plant is also known to have positive effects on the immune system and to naturally enhance testosterone levels in men.

The other complimentary herbs in Perfomaxx are well-known for their use in the treatment of low sex drive and poor blood circulation. When taken together in Perfomaxx, these herbs and botanicals:

  • Naturally enhance your body’s levels of free testosterone, a male hormone that plays a significant role in libido (sex drive), spurring desire and performance, helping you to get aroused more easily and for longer periods of time.
  • Promote a smoother and more efficient blood flow, helping to reduce blood stasis, throughout your body but especially in your genitals. Stronger blood flow to your penis means more expansion of the corpus cavernosa (the “spongy” tissue that absorbs blood to create an erection). This means longer, thicker and harder erections.
  • Strengthen seminal emissions. This means a larger volume of ejaculate when you experience orgasm. For many men, the volume of their ejaculations (amount of “cum” when they cum) relates directly to the satisfaction they experience in orgasm.
  • Improve oxygen flow to your brain and other organs. This can increase mental acuity, energy and stamina.
  • Relieve pain, promote new tissue growth, strengthen muscles and tendons.
  • Anecdotally, reduce the levels of at least one other hormone that inhibits sex and enhance the immune system.
  • Perfomaxx takes effect almost instantly, many of the benefits described above obviously continue to improve over time with sustained and regular Perfomaxx use.

How Tongkat Ali Improves Sex

(Excerpted from by Serge Kreutz)

Tongkat Ali works. No doubt about that. And in that respect it is in one league with such heavyweights as yohimbine, sildenafil citrate, or cabergoline.But Tongkat Ali also is different from all the above. It’s not that (as I have read) one would have to use it over a period of time until it will have an effect.

Usually, the advice that one has to use something for a while to have an effect is reserved [for] such “somethings” that are all hype and no substance: the likes of argenine, DHEA, muira puama, ginkgo biloba, damiana, avena sativa, or ginseng.OK, I don’t doubt that damiana helps menopausal women, and that ginkgo biloba is healthy for the brain of aging men, and that ginseng is good for the kidneys or the gallbladder of I don’t care whom. But from the perspective of sexual enhancement, these herbs are mere placebos.

Like all substances that work for sexual enhancement, tongkat ali has an effect that can be felt after one or two hours, or one has obtained a preparation that is tongkat ali only by name.

Sex under the influence of tongkat ali feels more direct (and can I say: more masculine?) than it has any time since my late teens. And it is this directness, which more than anything else typifies tongkat ali.What Else? Better ejaculatory power, multiple orgasms, and feeling very, very male.

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